A new landscape

Novascape aspires to change the world for the better. Our ethos is to take on challenging, innovative projects that make the world a better place.

Novascape is a broad-spectrum service agency with a focus on complex sector challenges. We operate a high functioning commercial team that delivers marketing, lead generation, sales development, contracting, resource provisioning and BAU commercial management services for a combination of owned subsidiaries and third party businesses which we have strategic delivery partnerships with.

Our focus on excellence across the complete commercial cycle allows us to pursue truly challenging opportunities and deliver on them for clients with confidence. We assemble and lead brilliant teams to provide services that have a positive impact to our clients and their stakeholders.

We have operating personas and associated industry specialisms to offer targeted expert services. Data Veritas – delivering boutique data consultancy services and data-leveraged product development. Treligan – improving our natural and built environments one project at at time.

We’re actively growing our scope of operations and are always interested to hear from specialist service providers that serve industry sectors or present delivery skills that are not already captured in our existing delivery personas.

Get in touch, we'd love to talk about your ambitions, and ours. Let's collaborate!

International experience and collaboration

We have extensive experience throughout our team working on various projects in a range of countries. We have a global outlook when it comes to knowledge exchange, cultural experience and social background. We believe every  human on the planet has the capability to enact change and contribute to solving contemporary challenges. In fact, we believe it is essential to be inclusive in order to have confidence that proposed solutions make the world a better place. Lack of cultural participation is stagnation.